Messy Church

Messy Church is a new way to do “church,” a new way to celebrate the stories and community that are the heart of our faith. Messy Church includes all-age activities, a time of storytelling, and a dinner is provided.

Messy Church is once a month. Check back for our next one! We do all sorts of activities at Messy Church focusing on a story or lesson. Some examples:

messy stations of the crossOur Easter Messy Church this year focused on Holy Week and the coming of Easter with activities and storytelling. This is a  family friendly evening with all age activities. Dinner is provided. Activities this Messy Church will include a walk through the ‘Stations of the Cross’ that is family friendly, interactive, and hands-on. Why is Easter such a big deal? Come celebrate with us and find out.

Past Messy Churches:

  • July: We will not have a Messy Church is July. Instead, please come visit us at our booth at Camas Days or come to our Blueberry Pancake Breakfast!
  • August: Tuesday, August 25th, 5:30-7:30pm. Our theme was  bubbles! We played and celebrated the beautiful rivers and waters of creation!
  • September: In September our theme was ‘banquet’ so we threw a big party! We invited everyone, sampled the goodies, decorated, and dressed up.
  • October: Our theme was ‘Harvest’! We celebrated the good creation all around us: the sun shines, the rain falls, the plants grow, and we are fed.  We know that clean energy and good stewardship are essential to a blessed harvest.
  • December: Our Christmas Messy Church was all about Grace. We got into the story of when Jesus was born, with all the shepherds and angels and wise men and sheep and the whole great business!
MC pumpkin 2015 allrightsreserved
Celebrating the harvest with pumpkin guts. Veggie carving included peppers, pumpkins, cucumbers, apples, and more!

Curious? Read about our past Messy Churches: Bringing your real self to God &  Celebration of the Palms.

In these two videos, Pastor Richenda shares the fun and then a story from the February 24th Messy Church. In the story (second video) which character is most like you,  the Mayor or the Con-man?

What is Messy Church? Messy Church started in Portsmouth, England. The goal was to loosen up a little, to step away from some of the formal ‘thee’ and ‘thou’ habits of worship and reclaim the celebration of being good people together seeking to praise all the Good possible in the world.


Read about Messy Church in the Camas-Washougal Post Record: A Whole Lot Of ‘Messy’ Fun At Church.

Still curious? Here is a video featuring Lucy Moore a founder and leader of the Messy Church movement.

Here is a video from the BBC explaining a little bit about what Messy Church is all about. At Camas we do things a bit differently, but the goal is the same–celebrating the goodness of God through active play, a good meal, and storytelling.

At our church we value all kinds of worship, we love our Sunday Service as well as our new Messy Church. As we work to begin a new chapter in the life of our church, we seek vital new ways to connect with families and people of all ages. Messy Church, then, is an important part of our joyful concern.

We hope to see you at our next Messy Church!