Thank you so much for clicking over to our donation page! We are so very grateful to you! Thank you for supporting our efforts. Your help funds great ministry!

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Our online banking site supports a number of categories to help us make sure your gift goes to the program or activity you are interested in supporting.

Scroll down for a list of funds and categories, and further down you will find an explanation of how our funds are organized.

Online Categories: When you link to our edonation banking site. you will find a number or categories listed there. You can donate to one or more of these at a time. The listed categories are (scroll down for details):

—>General Operating: This fund keeps our lights on and our church operational.
—>2015 Pledges: Our primary budget comes from the faithful giving by pledges of support by our members and supporters. This essential fund literally undergirds and supports everything we do.
—>Apportionments: This fund is our Camas Church contribution to the Pacific Northwest United Methodist conference,  its administration, and regional and global ministries
—>Blueberry Pancake Breakfast: Our annual breakfast during Camas Days is an important day of fun and fundraising! We use this fund for ticket sales and general donations of support for this effort.
—>Camperships: Summer and other camps are a core part of a kid’s experience! Our goal is to here is to help families send their kids and teens to summer camp.
—>Christmas Giving: We have two special times of giving to help support our new and ongoing ministries, your Christmastime gift is a blessing to us. 
—>Christmas Auction: Our annual Christmas Auction is always a lot of fun! Contribute to this fund to help with this fundraiser or to pay for items won at auction!
—>Easter Giving:  We have two special times of giving to help support our new and ongoing ministries, Christmas and Easter. Thank you for your Eastertime gift! It is a blessing to us. 
—>Imagine No Malaria: The United Methodist Church is engaged in a campaign to eradicate Malaria! Your support goes directly to this campaign. 
—>Kids and Family Activities:  These funds are earmarked for educational and family activities specifically and include the curriculum and supplies needed to create and maintain successful programs.
—>Summer Drama CampDrama Camp is among our newest ministries! Your support will help us grow and sustain this important new activity. Parents & grandparents, please use this category to pay the registration fee for your child. 
—>Messy Church: Messy Church is a key new ministry of our church! Your support helps us meet the needs of new families in new ways! Read more about Messy Church.
—>Local and Global Mission: Locally and globally, this fund helps to sustain ministries and home and ministries that reach around the globe
—>Movies in the Park: Every year we sponsor this fun Fridays-in-August event! Your contribution lets us continue this community endeavor! (Read more about Movies in the Park.)
—>UMCOR: (This fund supports United Methodist Relief efforts around the world. Learn more about UMCOR here.)
—>Camas Washougal Community Orchestra: Music is a gift to be celebrated! Your donation given to this category goes directly to maintain, support, and benefit the Camas Washougal Community Orchestra and the local musicianship associated with the orchestra.   

Our giving categories explained

Basically, there are three ways we as a church organize our finances and financial giving, they are: endowments, pledges, and designated funds.

Pledges and General Funds: The faithful pledging of our members funds our budget. Christians are asked to tithe with their blessings and resources and this tithe–and ancient practice–allows each of us to actively participate in the good work of the church every day. Even while we sleep! Pledges and General Funds go to all the normal stuff, supplies, repairs, ministries, the electric bill, salaries, and the like. These funds keep us up and running!

Designated Funds: Most of the categories listed above are what we call ‘designated funds.’ This means that money donated to these funds are earmarked for the specific purpose for which they were given. A $25 donation given to ‘Camperships’ or ‘Messy Church’ will be used directly %100 for those activities.

Tickets, Purchases & Fees: In addition to raising money in support of our ministries, you can make purchases and pay fees by paying into the appropriate category. For instance: Tickets for the Blueberry Pancake Breakfast can be paid into the Blueberry Pancake Breakfast fund; Summer Drama Camp registration fees can be paid into the Summer Drama Camp fund; purchases for the Christmas Auction can be paid using the Christmas Auction fund; and purchases for Rummage and Bake Sales can be paid to the General Fund.

Endowments: For long term stability, churches rely on Endowments, Foundations, and Memorial Gifts. These gifts allow families and individuals to continue to participate in the good work the church does well beyond their own lifetimes.  Christians recognize that our own lifetimes are not bound by birth or death, and that the work of Christian community is ongoing in the world. When we contribute to Memorial Funds or offer true endowment gifts, we do so recognizing the ‘everlasting’ power of faith as we continue to participate in God’s great and ongoing work in the world. Our church does not have the kind of endowment we needed for a truly lasting church. If we are to participate as a Kingdom of God people in Camas, we will need to build an endowment fund that will keep Camas a strong and vital place for generations.

If you would like to help with our endowment fund, making music, education, and mission possible for future generations, please contact or Pastor or Chair of Finance. We would be so grateful for this important gift.

Thank you!