Methodist Connection

United Methodist talk about the organizational link between them as “being in connection.” We are a connected people. We are also very flexible in that structure of connection and work to keep our organization from being ‘top heavy.’ The local church is of pivotal importance to United Methodists, so although we have rules, a discipline, and a council of bishops, our structure allows great flexibility and a strong grass-roots voice for every one.

We are the United Methodist Church in Camas, but we are part of the Vancouver District which includes churches as far east as White Salmon and as far west as Ocean Shores. Further, we are part of the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference, meaning every year all the church leaders of all the United Methodist Churches from Vancouver to Alaska to Moscow, Idaho, gather once a year to do business, make resolutions, and be in sacred fellowship all together.

As United Methodists, our local church strength allows us to be a true ‘community church’ within our own communities. But, networked together–or ‘in connection’–our reach far surpasses anything any of us could do alone.  As members of the Pacific Northwest Conference we get to participate in ministries both local and global, such as this:

United Methodists are a people who do not always agree on everything. We can have very public arguments! But that is because we take our mandate to ‘transform the world’ for God seriously. We believe God calls us to contribute our work to efforts of justice and peace. We believe Jesus teaches us to feed those in need and form communities of people who affirm an honorable life for all. We believe  a better world is possible for all.

To learn more, check out the news and information for the Pacific Northwest Conference of the United Methodist Church.