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Once a month we celebrate the love of God with Messy Church, a family friendly evening of activities, stories, and dinner.

Messy Church April 2015

Our April Messy Church focuses on one of the healing stories from the bible, the story of a man named Bartimaeus who was blind. In the story, Bartimaeus discovers that Jesus near the city of Jericho and dares to call out to him and ask to be healed.

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This month’s story features a man who is blind, but it is really a story about broken hearts. Sometimes when we suffer from a broken heart, it is really hard to ‘see’ God. Jesus at this time was gaining a reputation as a great holy man and teacher. When Bartimaeus calls out to him, Jesus responds by healing him. ┬áBy this healing, Jesus demonstrates the power of faith to heal a broken heart.

For April’s Messy Church we want to invite people to explore the gifts of our senses, not just sight but sound and taste and smell and touch. What is it like to move around without the sense of sight? What does it mean to see by the light of God?

Activities for this Messy Church include:

  • Chocolate pudding painting
  • Exploring the senses by smell and touch
  • Heart mural and prayers
  • New life and new growth–planting seeds and starters for flowers and veggies.
  • Decorating┬áSunglasses

For dinner we will share chicken noodle soup, salad, cheese, crackers, and veggies. Dessert is carrot cake!