Our Pastor

Rejoice and peace!

FairhurstWelcome to Camas United Methodist church. We are a Christian organization deeply rooted in the community. We believe the Christian life is about listening, learning, giving, and having a real impact right here in this Good world. We believe God is at the center of life in the best way possible and that we as Christians are invited to fully participate in the Good that is every day all around us.

The bible tells us that God believes the world to be “Supremely Good.” Here in the Pacific Northwest the beauty of our natural world is evident every day, even when it rains—perhaps especially when it rains! Yet, though we love to celebrate all that is Good, we also know that life can be really hard sometimes. We know there is unfairness in this world, and suffering. Jesus of Nazareth himself was born into the world at a time of extreme suffering. As a newborn baby, Jesus was as vulnerable in his humanness as we are. Through his birth, his life, the stories and his teachings, we grapple with the big and small questions of living. We may never “know” all the answers, but we can learn a lot from each other, our traditions, our scriptures, and our faith experiences. We believe that God is Good. And as Jesus invited people to dare to ask questions, to dare to fully live—and to dare to believe—so we invite you.

As a Christian family, we believe that what we do matters. We may be far from perfect, but we care about this world and we want to have an impact! We believe that life can be wondrous, thunderous and Spirit-filled when we dare to meet it together in the faith that a better world is well and truly possible. We believe God meets us, calls us and blesses us, and sends us out for this vital work.


Pastor Richenda