Children’s Book Drive


We are having a book drive! We need children’s books for readers k-6th.

In summer of 2017 we launch Project Transformation at our Camas church! Project Transformation is a national literacy program that helps close the reading gap for kids who need extra help. We now have a brand new chapter right here in the Pacific Northwest!

We need your help as we work to help those in our community who need it most. We want to make sure we have plenty of books to help our kids gain needed reading skills.

Please donate books this Christmas season (and  beyond!) We need books for readers grades k-6th grade. If you want to donate but are not sure what books are needed check out these two Amazon Wishlists, one from our Chapter, the other designed from our Camas Church.

Your donation is so very appreciated.

Give by check: If you would like to donate funds please write a check to Camas United Methodist Church and put ‘Project Transformation’ in the memo. To make your gift more specific, you can add ‘Project Transformation book drive’ or ‘Project Transformation Camas UMC.’ If you want your donation only to go to books, be sure to write ‘book drive.’ Mail the check to Camas United Methodist Church, 706 NE 14th Ave, Camas, WA 98607 or drop it by the office or mail slot.

To Give by Debit Card: We accept one time or recurring payments through our online bank service. Follow this link and it will take you a page with many fund options. Select the option ‘kids and families.’ Your donation to that fund will be credited to Project Transformation through December. Thank you so very much! Please follow up your gift with an email to our office ( with your name, address, and amount so we can send you a tax deductible statement and thanks!

Follow Project Transformation Pacific Northwest: On Instagram @pnwpt, Twitter (@pnwpt), or Facebook /ProjectTransformationPNW

Your contribution will make a real difference for kids right here in our Camas Washougal community and beyond. Thank you!!


December Events 2016

Christmas is coming right up! Advent—the season of expectation for the church as we await the birth of Jesus—begins Sunday, November 27th! Our theme for Advent/Christmas this year is ‘Storybook Christmas.’ Please save some important dates upcoming during the Advent/Christmas season.

Children’s Program Practice Begins at 9am November 20th. (Practice will be continue on November 27, December 4th, 11th, and 18th at 9:00am. We will perform in worship December 18th.)

storybookmarks-webSunday, November 27th—Project Transformation Christmas Book Drive begins!

Learn more about our book drive!


messy-storybearTuesday, December 6th—Christmas Messy Church, 5:30-7:30pm!


Sunday, December 11th—Christmas Brunch and Auction


Sunday, December 18th—Children’s Program and Choir perform during our 10am worship service.

Saturday, December 24th—Christmas Eve Candlelight Service 7pm.

Sunday, December 25th—Christmas is on a Sunday this year. We plan a small morning Prayer & Communion Service.

Nov 27th: CAROL Tree—support this effort by our local firefighters. Bring hats, socks, gloves of all kinds to the church for the CAROL tree to spread the warmth this winter.


Storybook Christmas

storybook-christmas-bannerThis year we celebrate a very special Storybook Christmas! (Learn about our Children’s Book Drive and our December Calendar of events.)

In the 2000 years since the birth of the infant Jesus in Bethlehem, poets, storytellers, and the faithful have dreamed and imagined what those first days were like for Mary, for Joseph, for Jesus, and for all those who looked on in wonder at the baby born in such humble circumstances–a baby who would grow up to do amazing things!

BearReadingBook by SuzysGarden 2012 Flickr CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
BearReadingBook by SuzysGarden 2012 Flickr CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

We still tell stories about Jesus of Nazareth, our Christ, and his great work in the world. We celebrate the birth of a man we could come to understand as ‘savior,’ whose power challenges all corrupt authority, remedies injustice, and declares peace, joy, and hope for the coming Kingdom of God.

Join us a we share the stories that are part of our faith and tradition. As we imagine what it might have been like long ago, we imagine still what it means to have Jesus with us right now. What a story it is!

Come celebrate the coming of Christmas with us! We have a full calendar and you are very welcome. We have worship every Sunday at 10am, followed by Sunday school for the children. Every 2nd Sunday we have special all-family activities following the service. Our Christmas eve service is at 7pm.



The holidays (holy days!) are upon us and for many of us the ‘busy’ part of our lives is now compounded by the many obligations, tasks, and errands of the Thanksgiving and Christmas Season.

Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October, but for us in the States, our November turkey leftovers are barely finished and turned into soup before there is another turkey to buy, stuff, cook, carve, serve, and…serve  and serve again.

I think the Canadians are on to something.

Leaf Wreath by AmyG 2008 Flickr CC BY-NC 2.0
Leaf Wreath by AmyG 2008 Flickr CC BY-NC 2.0

The truth is that for many of us, the business of talking turkey for the next two months loads stress and anxiety into our already—for too many of us—overloaded lives.

Last month we celebrated ‘Four Weeks of Gratitude.’ These full October weeks now seem peace-filled by comparison.

Yet, maybe we can think of it this way: Perhaps October was a warm-up, a beginning, a chance to stretch our gratitude legs in order to begin a deeper reflection on thankfulness as we move into November.

Gratitude is a ‘practice.’ At its heart gratitude is not something you are born good at. Think of all the babies you have seen pout! Babies are far too small to understand our grown up ideas of being thankful. At just months old, we tiny humans can be anything but grateful. Our infant emotions lead us to wrinkle our noses, jut out our lower lips, and bawl loudly about naptime and all the other injustices of the world.

As adults, thankfulness can seem just as far away. For instance, I am fully an adult, but I am also a Class A whiner more often than I am proud of.

All the better, then, that October’s celebration of gratitude has given me some practice—and a bit of a running start—at the thankfulness I hope to experience more of in November.

Practice makes almost perfect. Practice give us a chance to fail regularly at something. As we learn what it feels like not to be grateful, so we are also learning the reverse —ah! So that’s what gratitude feels like! Practice helps us recognize where we are. By practicing thankfulness, somehow being thankful begins to feel a little more possible.

I want to experience thankfulness this Thanksgiving. I want to make real time and space for thankfulness to be a regular and practiced part of my holy days. Regardless of all the good reasons I have for pouting, I want to find that place—that holy place—within my soul and just be truly thankful once in a while.

I am sure that if I just keep practicing, I can make that happen. And if I can do it, you can, too.

Have a very blessed Thanksgiving,

Pastor Richenda