Summer Fun

Summers sure are busy around here! Most churches take the summer off with staff and church members alike lolling around the beach or heading off to Hawaii or somewhere fabulous.

But at our Camas Church, Summer is one of our busiest times. We have a few community events that we sponsor or produce and we are really proud to be contributors to our great community here in Camas-Washougal.

There are times when pictures speak louder than words, and this is one of those times! Scroll down to enjoy a few pictures from our Blueberry Breakfast, Camas Days float & Drama Camp. And mark you calendar for Friday nights in August–don’t miss Movies in the Park!

Blueberry Pancakes fresh from the grill.
We have champion Blueberry Pancake flippers! There is an art to grilling and flipping fresh blueberry pancakes. Those Valley View blueberries are so plump and fresh you have to wait to just the right moment to add and flip or the whole pancake falls apart!
Weedle at the syrup
Our church is a Pokestop! So of course we put out lures so that all ages could enjoy the fun. Here, a weedle showed up no doubt hoping for a taste of that sweet homemade blueberry syrup!
Valley View Blueberries
Thank you so much to Valley View Blueberries! Their donation of delicious fresh blueberries make our pancake breakfast possible. Check out their farm during blueberry season! They have fresh frozen, fresh picked, and u-pick berries as well as blueberry pie and blueberry ice cream and other charming homemade gifts.
Camas Days Parade
For a number of years we have participated in the Camas Days, but this was the first year we marched in the parade! We filled that ’54 convertible with little ones and off we went!
Camas Days Parade
When it comes to parades, pastors get to have fun, too! I had so much fun walking the parade route and greeting our enthusiastic Camas and Washougal neighbors.
Camas Days Parade
Consensus among parade goers was that we definitely have to do this again next year. Look for us in 2017!
Drama Camp Lions
Who doesn’t want to be a lion during Drama Camp! Our camp this year just finished. Our pre-schoolers pretty near stole the show with their growling antics.
Drama Camp rehearsal
We rehearsed for a full week, here you see a scene from Daniel and the Lions. It looks like Daniel made it through the night without a scratch on him! Amazing!
Drama Camp Rehearsal
Two of our lead players practice their lines and blocking during Drama Camp. What a great job they did, too!
Drama Camp
What a show! Some cast members and crew pose for a photo following the show.

All in all a busy summer and we are not finished with the fun yet. See you all at Movies in the Park!


Pastor Richenda

Images: All photos copyright Jon Fairhurst and Camas United Methodist Church. All rights reserved.