2nd Sunday is Birthday Sunday

At Camas United Methodist Church, 2nd Sunday is Birthday Sunday!

birthday sunday

On the 2nd Sunday of every month we will provide a lunch and activities as we celebrate the Birthdays of that month.  Come if you have a birthday that month, or come and celebrate the birthdays of others!

Happy Birthday!

Valentine’s Benefit Concert



Featuring the

 Saturday, February 13th at 2pm, come for a world class concert featuring modern and classical music on Violin, Oboe, and Piano.

Concert will be in the main sanctuary at the Camas United Methodist Church, 706 NE 14th Street, Camas, WA 98607.

No tickets required, donations are gladly accepted at the door.

All donations will benefit the children & family community ministries at the Camas United Methodist Church. Ministries such as Drama Camp and Movies in the Park.

tatianasmDr. Tatiana Kolchanova is a member of the Portland Opera Orchestra, a sub with Oregon Ballet and the Oregon Symphony. A graduate of the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, she was a violinist for the USSR Radio and Television Orchestra and was first violinist for the Glinka State (Russia) Quartet. She is founder and director of Music & Arts Academy, teaches at her studio in Camas, WA, and is the conductor of the Camas-Washougal Community Orchestra.

NildaCurtisCuban born Nilda B. Curtis is a graduate of the Conservatory of Music in Camaguey, Cuba, studied Musicology at the Superior Institute of Arts in Havana, and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Piano Performance from Portland State University. She has performed and taught locally and internationally, and lives in Vancouver, WA, with her husband and three children.

AnnVanBeverAnn van Bever plays oboe, English horn and oboe d’amore in a number of Portland area ensembles, including the Portland Columbia Symphony and the Bach Cantata Choir Orchestra, and is the principal oboist of the Oregon East Symphony in Pendleton. She is a founding member of The Mousai and has a private oboe studio of 11 students. She has bachelors and masters degrees in music from Southern Methodist University (Dallas, TX) and has a law degree from Marquette University Law School (Milwaukee, WI). She practiced law in Florida, Texas, California and Oregon before returning to music as a full time profession in 2000. She is an active freelance player throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington, and regularly plays in Vancouver, Newport, Astoria, Eugene and Salem.

Ann and her husband, Peter, are avid supporters of music in Portland. Both have served on the board of Chamber Music Northwest, Peter has served on the Portland Opera board and Ann is currently president of the Portland Columbia Symphony board.

Thank you to Kent Place, our Sponsor!

Enlivant Sponsor

Photo image top: Red Roses by Kicki Zeilon 2015 Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0 ; Old Violin by Nicki Mannix 2015 Flickr CC BY 2.0

Creation Care: Why I Care

“Every good thing we need, our earth provides.” Psalm 104

Psalm 104 is a hymn to the Creation that gives us important insight into how connected the creation is to the Creator, our God. While some in the ancient world believed the earth to be a corrupt and discardable thing, that was not the Hebrews’ perspective. God’s chosen people understood God as the active agent of every good material in life. To God, our earth and its plants and creatures are Good.

(Link to read Psalm 104 on Biblegateway.)

Our God created this planet as a treasury. All that we need for a life of wellbeing is here, fresh springs of water, produce, heavens, oceans, and winds, fire and flame. The bible tells us that ours is a “beautiful planet” to be honored, prized, and praised as a reflection of the sustaining love of our Creator. To God be such glory!


Over the last year I have had the opportunity to be some small help in our local area to those who are working to preserve our “beautiful planet” and the wellbeing of life this planet as God’s creation provides. I have spoken up in support of those living on Livingston Mountain who are working to shut down mining there and attended Clark County Council Hearings in support of their efforts. I also spoke out at our United Methodist Annual Conference regarding the need to stop investing in the fossil fuels that are choking our creation.

More recently I have been asked to speak and testify on behalf of our beautiful planet and to the honor and praise of God in opposition to the influx of oil trains into the Pacific Northwest. I spoke at the Vancouver City hearings against the Tesoro transport and storage project and I was present at the Portland City Council meeting where the Mayor and City Councilors made history and became the first city to reject the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure and instead actively invest in clean energy alternatives.

The reality of transporting oil by rail: 15 million+ gallons of explosive bakken oil will pass into Vancouver with trains moving through residential & downtown areas of Camas & Washougal.

Safe transport at these numbers is not attainable. The Cities of Camas & Washougal and the Port of Camas Washougal have passed resolutions citing real safety concerns for the risks these trains pose to the wellbeing of our towns, homes and families.

There are a lot of politics involved, to be sure. But it is my faith and that leads me in what I do here. Our scriptures are clear and Psalm 104 could not be clearer that we as Children of God are to see the Glory of God in our creation. How do we know who or what God is? Part of the answer to that question is to look to our earth and heavens. God is “wrapped in glory and dressed in the greatness” of Creation. To defile the earth is to defile the work of God.

On January 5th at the Clark County Fairgrounds community organizers and people of faith will come forward to speak against the proposed oil by rail and transport station in Clark County and beyond. Our beautiful Pacific Northwest was created to be Glorified in the name of God, and I will be calling for that at the rally. I invite you to come and lend your voice with mine. The industrial age is done, new energy is already emerging. Our voices will help bring needed change and new wellbeing for all.

God made us as a Spirit filled people. We are creative, innovative, adaptable, and capable of great good. As Methodists we recognize our special role as people called into the world in order that our work might help bring about the Kingdom of God. There are no coal trains and no oil exports in that Kingdom. What the “clouds drink up” should not be poisoned.

Come and lend your voice. More information about the January 5th hearings can be found on our Creation Care page at camasumc.org. See also ColumbiaRiverkeeper.org for dates, times, locations and more.

Seeing God in 2016

Over Advent and Christmas we have explored a ‘Christmas of Grace.’ During our worship time together we explored what it means that God loves us and gifts us with all that we need to follow the divine with all our hearts. As Mary said ‘yes’ to God and bore the infant Jesus, so we, too, are called to say ‘yes’ and turn our hearts to Christ.

God already anticipates our ‘yes!’ When we say ‘yes’ and turn our hearts, we find forgiveness, welcome, and an uplifting love that transforms our lives. Grace is the gift from God that fills us with uttermost Love, forgiveness, and belonging.

Camping under the stars by Tom Hall Flickr 2015 CC BY 2.0
Camping under the stars by Tom Hall Flickr 2015 CC BY 2.0

Like the three wise men, the Magi who followed the star to see the baby Jesus, so we in Grace turn and see God.

Often it is the big transitions in our lives that end up being the most Spiritually powerful. Something about a shake up in life opens our eyes and the call of the divine can become very strong within us. When we move to a new home or community, when we grapple with loss of a loved one, when we try to raise our children so that they will have the best  possible chance in life, these are times when the call of God feels close.

In those new or vulnerable moments, we become aware of God’s presence pushing into our lives, or, we become aware of God’s absence and wonder how we became so disconnected from all that is Good. These times of change and disruption are the times for watching, waiting and listening. These are the moments when angels show up. And, if we are brave enough, as Mary was, our ‘yes’ to God can change our lives and change the world.

Believe and say, ‘yes.’

Brandywine Falls By Michael Matti 2015 CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Brandywine Falls By Michael Matti 2015 CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

As we move into January and this New Year we continue to talk about Grace. If the love of God is like a cascading waterfall, then Grace comes when we willingly stand under it and allow the Spirit and power of God to fill us from the bottom to the top—then overflow. It is not a mind thing, it’s a heart and soul thing. As we are filled with the Love and Grace of God, we become sacred in our own right, transformed by love and ready to roll up our sleeves and to participate in a better world.

Many blessings for this New Year. May Grace and Love be renewed in your heart.

Pastor Richenda